Episode 1 – Zach Adams of 1221 Photography in Springfield, IL

Join us on the inaugural episode of the 1981 Digital Podcast as we sit down with Zach Adams of Springfield’s 1221 Photography. Far from your conventional photographer, Zach brings a unique blend of community spirit and artistic vision to his work. Starting his journey with an iPhone 6, Zach’s passion for capturing the essence of Springfield, Illinois, through his lens has transformed him into a prominent figure in the local community.

In this candid conversation, Zach opens up about his beginnings in Peoria, his evolution as a photographer, and his unexpected role as a community influencer. From documenting everyday life at farmer’s markets to capturing pivotal moments like the George Floyd protests, Zach’s work is a tapestry of real, raw human experiences. He shares his philosophy on photography, discussing how he defies the norm by not confining himself to a specific genre. Instead, Zach embraces everything from weddings and events to street photography, all while maintaining a deep connection with his subjects.

This episode is not just about photography; it’s a deep dive into the heart of community building, positivity, and self-worth. Zach’s story is a testament to the power of art in connecting people and the transformative impact of seeing the world through a different lens. Please tune in to discover how Zach Adams is shaping the narrative of his community one click at a time.

Episode 1 – Zach Adams of 1221 Photography in Springfield, IL

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