1981 Digital has been fantastic for our small start-up company. Daniel has done a great job asking detailed questions, to be able to meet the needs of our unique business. Our unexpected, early success has been directly related to the work of this group, 1981 Digital. Their ability to work behind the scene to make our company look amazing is exactly what we needed. We would wholeheartedly recommend them for any sized company. They are easy to work with, very accommodating with our busy schedule.

Dale McKinney

I referred them to some of my peers who were in need of website development and they were equally impressed. 1981 Digital created amazing websites for my peers that were visually stunning, user-friendly, and optimized for search engines. They took the time to understand their unique brand identities and goals and created websites that perfectly reflected them.

Overall, I highly recommend 1981 Digital to anyone looking for top-notch marketing consulting and website development services. They are truly the best in the business and I can't wait to work with them again in the future.

Hieu Luu

1981 Digital did an amazing job on our website. Not only that, but they helped us understand SEO and other concepts that are crucial to crafting a smart web presence. From the initial conversations all the way through to the final product, they asked great questions, actually listened to what we wanted, and delivered us a website that was even better than we had hoped while not drifting from our vision. We cannot give them enough credit for such amazing work.

Sam Davis

We have hired Daniel several times as a photographer and he has gone above and beyond to capture our special events. He both followed and added to our event’s photography plan to capture all tables and guests as well as activities and decor. His friendly and professional demeanor puts out guests at ease and his quick turn around and easily-to-navigate public download website for guests helps them access their photos and share memories shortly after the event to gain more publicity for our organization. He also creates professional videos that are perfect for promo or recap on a website or social media. The Good Samaritan Inn in Decatur, IL highly recommends 1981 Digital Marketing Consultants!

Nicky Besser

1981 Digital created 2 websites for us and we couldn’t be happier. Not only did they take the time to understand what we wanted and needed, but they helped us navigate what was possible and provide ideas for improvement. They also gave us excellent advice and insight into SEO and what we can do to improve our visibility. I highly recommend 1981 Digital!

Dan Davis

1981 Digital is a wonderful marketing and consulting company! They helped me craft a cohesive brand identity and have walked me through concepts that my non-marketing brain couldn’t handle on its own!

Overall I’d absolutely recommend 1981 Digital to any business who wants to improve its image with web design, logos, SEO, marketing and so much more! They’ll make sure you’re taken care of!

Robert Palmer

I only wish we could give more than 5 stars! My family is literally just within days from launching our products, because of Daniel. We not only struggled greatly with getting our website finished, and in order, but we had no idea as to how we were going to promote our products.
In the beginning of this process, I met with Daniel for two hours. It immediately became evident to me that he really wanted to understand who we are, what our goals are, and simply why are we doing this?
I soon realized that they not only wanted to help us succeed, but they genuinely cared about our Family's dreams and well being.
Their exuberance, sincerity, work ethic, and expertise have resulted in a website and finished products that we all are 100% in love with.
Daniel even took it upon himself to design many of our labels-something we could of never done!
Throughout this process, as we worked on various projects, Daniel has taken everything we have said very seriously, and actually worked with us-instead of simply doing things their way. They respected and included our wants and vision, while at the same time weaving in their technical and organizational skills to make it all seamlessly work together.
I did reach out to another company prior to 1981 Digital, and was simply given a $$ number to finish the website, and $$ monthly to maintain the website, etc. That was it.
Thankfully I was referred to Daniel! He explained every thing, every step of the way, its importance and value.
I truly feel we have partners in this venture, who truly care about us, listen to us, most importantly, have our bests interests at heart.
And-their fees are WAY below the other firm I contacted.
No one could of been a better fit for us, nor done a better job than 1981 Digital.
PLEASE meet with them and give them a chance!!

Gary Minder

Awesome team. Knowledgeable, comprehensive, creative, and extremely friendly. I trust them to do an excellent job.

Albert Capati

Prior to the COVID 19 outbreak they did my company website. We have since closed due to my retirement and the sale of the company. That being said they put together and maintained a fantastic website for me at a very affordable price. I am sure they will exceed your expectations for your on-line presences.

Bill Schnake

Their professional approach exceeded our expectations for the project. Very professional to work with.

Fred Sauermann

Aaron Moma