9 Tips to Creating An Amazing Brand Strategy

If you’re looking to build a successful business online, you need to think about branding strategy. This means creating a unique identity that sets you apart from competitors. You should use your brand to communicate who you are, what you do, and why people should choose you over others.

Here are five business brand strategy tips to help you create an effective presence for your online business.

5 Tips to Creating an Amazing Unique Brand Strategy

1. Emphasize Your Unique Selling Point

This is a very important step, because it helps you stand out from the competition. You should write down what sets your company apart from other businesses in your industry, products or services that might be available.

2. Develop a Clear Marketing Strategy

You need to develop a marketing strategy because your company will have three functions, and each function will have different goals and needs.

  1. The marketing function will sell your product. This is the most obvious function. Customers need to know that your product has a quality of service and is worth buying. You have to market the product, and make sure people remember it when they are making decisions about what they buy next or going elsewhere to get their services from you.
  2. Your sales function will deal with customers who want to buy a product. This is the same as product marketing, but you also have to sell products.
  3. The service function will provide support, services and warranties for your customers. That means that whenever someone buys one of your products they have some recourse with you if something isn’t right, just like when they buy any other type of product.

3. Be Consistent

With consistency comes clarity and confidence, especially when it comes to marketing the product you are selling!

4. Make sure That Your Brand Is Appropriate

For example, if your company sells bags for storing and carrying coffee beans, then do not use the term “coffee beans” in your ads. Instead, you should use the brand name of your company that is associated with coffee beans.

5. Know Your Audience

A strong brand strategy starts with knowing who your customers are. You need to understand them well enough so that you can develop products and services that meet their needs. This means understanding not only their demographics (age, gender, income level) but also their lifestyles, interests, values, and attitudes.

6. Understand Your Business Goals

Once you know who your customers are, you need to figure out how to reach them. That’s where your brand strategy comes into play. It’s the blueprint for everything you do as a business owner. And it should help you answer questions like “What does my company stand for? What kind of image do I want to project? How will I communicate with my customers?”

7. Create a Brand Vision Statement

A brand vision statement is a short sentence that describes what your company stands for. You might use words like “innovation,” “customer service,” or “quality products.” This helps you define your brand identity so people understand what your company is all about.

8. Define Your Brand Personality

Once you have a clear understanding of who you are as a business, you can start thinking about how you want to present yourself to customers. What do you want them to think when they hear your name? Do you want to make them feel warm and fuzzy inside? Or maybe you want to inspire them with confidence and ambition. Whatever your goals are, you need to figure out how to communicate those things through your brand personality.

9. Develop a Brand Promise

A brand promise is a statement that describes what your company does and why people should care about it. It’s also called a “value proposition” because it explains why your product or service is better than anything else available.


Of course, these are just a few high-level logo and branding tips and don’t even begin to scratch the surface of each. If you own a business in Springfield, Decatur, Lincoln, Bloomington, Champaign or anywhere else in Central Illinois and are struggling with brand identity or are just wanting a fresh new logo, let’s touch base! We would love to grab a coffee with you and see how we can help your website drive more traffic!

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