Recent Work: Brooktree Film Lab and Brooktree Studios in Decatur, IL

Exciting news for photography enthusiasts and professionals in Central Illinois! 1981 Digital Marketing Consultants are thrilled to announce the launch of the brand-new website for Brooktree Film Lab. As long-time friends and clients of Brooktree’s owner, Robert Palmer, we have had the privilege of witnessing the remarkable growth of his business. Now, we’re proud to showcase the result of our collaboration – a website that not only enhances Brooktree’s online presence but also elevates the experience for film and photography lovers.

Brooktree Film Lab

Brooktree Film LabBrooktree Film Lab, known for its high-quality film development and affordable scanning services, sought a more robust online platform as the business scaled. Robert Palmer, the immensely talented mind behind Brooktree, turned to us for this upgrade. The result was migrating into a sleek, user-friendly website built on WordPress and WooCommerce. This new site is not just a digital space; it’s a haven for film enthusiasts, featuring:

  • A comprehensive film store.
  • An innovative Film of the Month subscription service, perfect for those eager to explore new film stocks and techniques.
  • Seamless social media integration to keep the community connected.
  • A new rewards system.
  • A customized film processing lab with a plethora of options.

Brooktree Studios

Brooktree Film LabIn tandem with the film lab site, we also launched Brooktree Studios‘ new website, dedicated to showcasing Robert’s exceptional engagement and wedding photography services. Also migrated from Squarespace, this site offers an extensive array of galleries, highlighting his extraordinary talent and vision.

A Partnership Rooted in Mutual Passion and Growth

As 1981 Digital, our journey with Brooktree and Robert has been more than just a client-agency relationship. It’s been a partnership forged in mutual admiration and growth. We are honored to have been chosen to bring this project to life and are thrilled to see how these new websites will help Robert scale his services and engage more profoundly with his clients and potential customers.

Your Custom Website Awaits with 1981 Digital

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About Brooktree Film Lab

Brooktree Film Lab is not just a film processing entity; it’s a sanctuary for film photography lovers. Each film roll, from disposable cameras to professional setups like the xPan, Contax 645, or 4×5 Speed Graphic, receives meticulous care. Offering varied scan sizes to suit diverse needs and budgets, Brooktree guarantees a quick turnaround of 2-3 business days. Your personal gallery, accessible via email link after processing, allows you to download, share, and print images effortlessly.

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