4 Easy Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate

The goal of conversion rate optimization (CRO) is to increase the number of people who convert on your site. This means that visitors become buyers, leads, or subscribers.

One common reason businesses don’t see the success they want is because they aren’t taking the time to understand their customer. Too often, businesses take the easy way out and try to force customers into what they think they need. This approach can be harmful because it can result in lost sales or decreased conversion rates. If you want to see real success, you have to get inside your customer’s head and understand what makes them tick.

Increasing conversion rates can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and tactics, it can be a cinch. In this article, we’ll discuss five easy methods that have worked for us in the past and offer some tips of our own.

4 Easy Ways To Increase Your Conversion Rate

1. Create A Clear Call To Action

A clear call to action is one of the most effective ways to increase conversions. Make sure that your call to action is obvious and easy to find. If you’re using a pop up window, make sure it’s large enough to see clearly.

The best place to put your call to action is at the top of your page. You want people to be able to read what you’re offering them without having to scroll down.

You should also consider how often people will click on your call to action. This is known as the conversion rate. The higher the conversion rate, the more likely visitors are to convert into sales.

If you want to increase your conversion rates, you should include a CTA button or a link to a page where customers can buy your product. For example, if you sell shoes online, you might add a CTA button that links to your shoe store. Or, if you sell books online, you could add a CTA button linking to your Amazon storefront.

2. Measure Your Conversion Rate

You should also measure how well your call to action performs. This will help you understand whether your visitors are clicking through to your desired destination. If not, you need to find out why.

If you want to know what works best for your business, you should measure your conversion rates. You can use Google Analytics to track your site’s traffic and see which pages convert better than others. Once you find the pages that work well, you can add calls to action to those pages. For example, if you sell products online, you might include links to purchase items at the bottom of each product description.

3. Include Relevant Images

Images are one of the most powerful ways to engage users. They can make your content more interesting and attractive. In addition, they can help people understand what you’re talking about.

If you want to increase your conversion rate, then you should include relevant images in your blog posts. The reason why? Because images are proven to be one of the best ways to get people to click on links. And if you link to other pages on your website, then you’ll be able to drive traffic back to those pages.

4. Test Different Call To Actions

There are several ways to test different CTA buttons. One method is to use Google Analytics to see what percentage of users click each button. Another option is to add multiple calls to actions to one landing page and then compare the results.

You can also try testing different CTAs using A/B testing. With this technique, you create two versions of a landing page and show them to visitors. The first version has one call to action; the second version has two. After a certain amount of time, you measure which version converts better.


Conversion rates are an important part of marketing your business. By understanding how to increase your conversion rate, you can increase your revenue.

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