5 Awesome Email Marketing Trends To Try in 2022

In 2020 when the pandemic changed the landscape of everyone’s lives, businesses had to connect with customers through digital mediums. This resulted in a major uptick in email marketing efforts, and new trends in email marketing started to take shape. 2 years later we continue to fight through the pandemic, yet we still want to engage in email marketing. To be effective with email marketing, we want to stay competitive by applying the current trends.

5 Email Marketing Trends to try in 2022

1. Incorporate User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a great way for marketers to start building an emotional connection with their audience. Customers are more likely to trust and convert if they see positive feedback and testimonials surrounding your business.

2. Expect more from your newsletters

Newsletters have been the infrastructure of marketing plans for ages, and now we see them as more than just a sales tool. Newsletters let you connect with your audience to tell stories, offer expertise, and further genuine connection which helps to foster a stronger relationship with them. This is a top priority.
Your newsletters can also provide easily digestible information surrounding news, updates about the landscape of your industry, and other fun content. Giving quality information and citing authoritative sources is an easy way to convey information that is relevant enough for your audience to engage with it.

3. Optimize for all platforms

Over 60% of emails opened are being opened on mobile, optimize for it.
Guaranteeing that all of your customers have the same beneficial experience when opening your email is another top priority. Multi-platform optimization isn’t easy, but 1981 Digital is happy to help. Reach out today and let’s talk about how we can help navigate this process together.

4. Hyper Personalized Email Campaigns

People want to feel valued by the companies they value, not like another face in a crowd.
Personalization is very popular and its value continues to press higher daily. For this reason, in 2022, institutions will focus on being more hyper-personalized with their email campaigns rather than just having parts of their campaigns personalized. Here’s how you can apply this trend today:

    • recommend products or content based on user segments
    • messages and promotions should be tailored to audience segments
    • recommend products or content to individuals

5. Be interactive in your emails

As technology continues to advance, the need for interactive marketing continues to grow. Ways you can incorporate interactive marketing into your email campaigns are through:

    1. GIFs and hover over imagery
    2. Animated buttons and Call to Actions
    3. Interactive products carousels and images
    4. Surveys, Polls, and UGC

We expect email marketing to continue to flourish in 2022. Are you ready to start an email campaign for your business? Need help getting started? Reach out today.

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