15 Simple Social Media Power Tips (Part 1)

Social media has become a powerful tool for businesses, organizations, and individuals to connect with customers, clients, and other people in their communities. It’s also a great way to build relationships and engage with others online.

15 Simple Social Media Power Tips (Part 1)

1. Optimize Your Profiles

Use a compelling image that expresses your personality and is optimized for viewing on all platforms. Write an interesting, informative biography with keywords for your area of expertise.

2. Be Consistent

Use the same biography, image, and username across all of your social media platforms so people will recognize you and be able to follow you easily.

3. Feed the Content Machine

Curate great content to share with the people who follow you. Limit your topics to three or four subjects that you feel that you are knowledgeable (or at least passionate) about. This will help people know why they should follow you as well as what you’re interested in in order to find common ground.

4. Be Multi-Faceted

Don’t be one-dimensional by strictly sharing business content or personal opinions. You have many sides, so let people get to know the real you by presenting the full picture.

5. Power your Social Media with Positivity

Studies show that people love social media accounts that motivate and inspire others. People are always listening and lurking on social media, so keep it upbeat!

6. Answer Questions and Comments

Respond to comments and be as helpful as possible to your social media network. Once your followers grow to a large number, this can become a challenge, but it’s a good problem to have and one to solve once you get there.

7. Pass the Reshare Test

Everything you create and share should be interesting, entertaining, or informative. Think to yourself – is this worth being reshared? Would I share it?

8. Build a Share Network

Social media networking works best when you engage (or doesn’t work when you don’t).  When you share other people’s content, you are building your relationship with others by saying “what you’re writing is great and I will use my reputation to share it with my followers.”  In theory, they should help you by doing the same thing and many times will return that favor.


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