5 Ways to Use Instagram Reels Better for Your Business

Instagram Reels is another way to share short engaging video content that doesn’t expire after 24 hours like its “Story” counterpart. Despite being initially called the TikTok copycat, we are seeing brands effectively use Reels in their mix for further growth. The need for video content is at an all-time high, and it is constantly adding value to your business, but adding a video element to your already existing Instagram account adds another layer of growth potential for your business.

5 Ways to Use Instagram Reels for Your Business

When Instagram Stories launched, it was initially labeled as the Snapchat copycat. However, Stories quickly passed Snapchat in daily users and has become an effective channel for brands to build and interact with their audience.

Knowing that, brands should take the opportunity to engage with new audiences via Reels. Reels are quick, easy, and digestible short-form content. Reels also create a great platform for creative collaboration.

Interested in getting started with Instagram Reels for your business? Here are 5 ways you can integrate them into your social media strategy

1. Share Educational Content

Creating educational content is a great way to get started using Reels. Whether it is a secret to cooking a signature dish, a tech tip behind your application, or ways to clear up the skin, the possibilities are endless with your video content on Reels.

2. Showcase Your Products

The explore page has been made even better with Reels. This feature allows people who do not already follow you to see your content through the designated Reels tab. This is a golden opportunity to reach new customers. Use hashtags, text, and descriptive captions to help nudge the algorithm in the right direction.

3. Show Behind the Scenes Content

Behind the scenes content really helps connect with your audience and show them who you are as a brand and why it is you are selling your products or service. It helps to gain trust, be personable, and further build relationships.

Behind the scenes ideas you can try:
Share how you choose your materials for your product
Share the process of making products
Share a day in the life of your team members
Share your brand story — how did you come up with your business, where have you been and where are you now.

4. Announce Sales and Share Offers

Your product is getting in front of new customers, why not show them your new sales and give exclusive deals to further drive your Reels engagement. Stay genuine in your posts. Don’t be explicitly or exclusively salesy, this will drive a disconnect between you and your audience. Focus on being original and fun.

5. Use Instagram Reels Ads

In June 2021, Instagram started allowing advertisers to use Reels as a placement option for their ads. These placements support 6 different advertising objectives

1. Brand Awareness
2. Reach
3. Traffic
4. App Installs
5. Video views
6. Conversions

Reels ads offer brands a new way to reach targeted audiences as they are scrolling through Reels with the intent of interacting and engaging with content.

How do you plan on using Reels for your business?

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