Lakeside Christian Church | Springfield, Illinois | Testimonies Video

We were contacted by Lakeside Christian Church in Springfield, Illinois to see if we had availability to craft a full video production for them heading into the week of Easter. This idea was presented on a Tuesday and Wednesday we were on campus capturing video. The idea was to have 3 people from Lakeside Christian with varying backgrounds in The Church tell their Testimony in 3 short questions:

  1. How did you come to faith in Jesus?
  2. What was your life like before Jesus?
  3. How is your life different now, and what does Jesus mean for your future?

The central idea behind this video project was to reflect on the idea that “I’m alive because Jesus is alive.”

This video premiered on Easter Sunday 2022 and you can check that out over at Springfield, Illinois Lakeside Christian Church’s On-Demand Service Page

Testimonies | Lakeside Christian Church | Springfield, IL


We love collaborating on projects like this, especially when they are digital media projects in our own backyard of Springfield, Illinois! If you are a church, organization, or business in Springfield, Decatur,  Lincoln, Illinois, or beyond and are interested in video work, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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