The Good Samaritan Inn and Do Good Donuts in Decatur, IL

The Good Samaritan Inn is a non-profit organization based in Decatur, Illinois that provides essential services to those in need. The organization is committed to serving the community by “creating social and economic opportunity through nourishment, gardening, and education” to families in the area. One of the most recent initiatives that the organization has taken up is Do Good Donuts, which is a new project that aims to raise funds for the organization while also providing the community with delicious, fresh donuts.

The vision of The Good Samaritan Inn is for “all community members have sustainable autonomy and lead a joyful life.”¬† The organization has been serving the Decatur area since 1982 and has become a vital part of the Macon County community. The services provided by The Good Samaritan Inn include The Noon Meal, Mercy Gardens, Volunteering, and organizing Community Engagement.

Like any non-profit organization, The Good Samaritan Inn is always looking for ways to new revenue streams to serve their mission and expand their services. To address these needs, the organization has organized several events and new initiatives to raise funds and increase awareness of its work. One such initiative is Do Good Donuts, launched in January of 2023.

Do Good Donuts offers fresh, made-to-order donuts that can be purchased online through the The Good Samaritan Inn website. The donuts are made fresh every Friday and Sunday and are available for pickup or delivery as well as paired with coffee provided by The Salvation Army. The campaign has been a hit with the community, with customers praising the delicious taste and the opportunity to support a great cause.

The Good Samaritan Inn’s commitment to its mission has made it a valuable resource for the Decatur community. The organization has been able to provide essential services to those in need, and Do Good Donuts is just one of the many ways that The Good Samaritan Inn is making a difference in the community and helping to improve the lives of those who need it most.

If you are looking for a way to support a great cause while also satisfying your sweet tooth, be sure to check out Do Good Donuts on the The Good Samaritan Inn website.

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