Zach Adams | 1221 Photography | 1981 Podcast #001

Step into the world of photography with the 1981 Video Podcast’s debut episode, featuring Zach Adams, the visionary behind 1221 Photography in Springfield.

A true community-oriented photographer, Zach Adams weaves stories through every piece of work. In this episode, he unfolds his journey, offering insights into positive affirmations, the joys of being a “girl dad,” shooting through burnout, and his dream projects.

Zach isn’t just about visuals, he’s about connections. As the owner of 1221 Photography, he’s etched his community into his work. We explore how his local ties have shaped his captivating storytelling.

From family to community, Zach’s heartfelt narrative on building in this community illuminates how the area enriches his artistry, tapping into genuine emotions that make his captures resonate.

In the realm of creativity, burnout is a familiar foe. Zach opens up about combating creative burnout, sharing his personal coping strategies. His journey inspires fellow photographers to navigate their hurdles.

Tune in to the 1981 Digital Video Podcast to experience Zach Adams’ photographic journey, where every frame is a story waiting to be told.

Zach Adams | 1221 Photography | 1981 Podcast #001


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