5 Accessibility Improvements for Your Website or Blog

Accessibility is important for everyone, especially those with disabilities and something we start every single project with in mind. Here some quick ways to make your site accessible to all users.

5 Accessibility Improvements for Your Website or Blog

1. Add Alt Text to Images.

If you use images on your site, add alt text to them. This helps search engines understand what each image represents. It also makes it easier for people who have visual impairments to access your site.

2. Test Your Page Speed.

Google has released an online tool called PageSpeed Insights that will test how fast your web pages load. You can find out where there are any speed issues by visiting https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/.

3. Include an Alternative Text Description for Videos.

If you upload a video to YouTube, make sure you add an alternative text description (ATD) to each video. This helps people who use screen readers understand what the video is about. ATDs also help search engines better index your videos.

4. Create a Schema.org Microdata Markup.

Google has announced that by 2018, they will start penalizing websites with no schema markup. So, if you haven’t added any microdata markup to your site yet, now is the time to do so. You can find out more about schema.org here.

5. Provide Keyboard Navigation.

If you’re using WordPress, there are plugins available that make adding keyboard navigation easier. These plugins allow users to navigate through your site via arrow keys instead of clicking links. They also provide an option to add a tabbed menu system.


Accessibility is incredibly important to our entire team. This is why when we start a website development project our sites are ADA compliant from day 1.  Are you a business in Central Illinois in need of an accessible website developed? 1981 Digital is here for all your web accessibility needs.

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